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Social Media Marketing

Social Selling is the new “buzzword” in sales simply because it works! If you are interested in reaching very targeted customers for less money than traditional forms of advertising, like on t.v. or radio, social media marketing is the place to be.

Utilizing a digital marketing team, like OneChoice Design is a smart move because we’ve tested all of the ad platforms, methods and configurations for delivering ads to your best market. Instead of wasting money on testing strategies, it often becomes worth your time and investment to hire an expert.

There is no “one size fits all” solution

Our approach is based on a blended approach, utilizing a variety of ads, artwork, content, promotions, and methods to get the best results for your budget. We highly recommend utilizing our Automated marketing and email marketing services with social media marketing to guide your customers through the sales funnel.

Services we provide

  • Ad creation, landing page development and ad campaign management
  • Social Media content creation and platform management
  • 24/7 Social Media Customer Service for your Business page
  • Social media graphics and profile artwork

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We enjoy celebrating our projects and sharing digital marketing and business resource tips in social media and through our blog. Join us for effective and useful marketing ideas and tested sales strategies for increasing revenue and driving new business.