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Stop throwing away money: Utilize a Digital Marketing System to get results in 2018

A properly designed and executed Digital Marketing System is the most cost-effective way to generate new sales in 2018. Based on a blended marketing strategy, the system utilizes a complex system of delivering ads, posting content, and cultivating relationships with your customers in a strategic fashion without wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work.

Marketing ROI: How to determine the impact of your digital marketing efforts on revenue

After running a multitude of different ad campaigns through social channels, google ads, email marketing and even SMS campaigns, you find yourself faced with a mountain of data and a business owner asking you, “Based on your data, how well did we do? Show me something that will help me know my money was well spent.” 

We have all of these leads from a dozen different campaigns and we’ve spent all this money, the business owner will naturally resort to breaking down the total marketing investment and the total number of leads produced and arrive at a Cost per Lead.

The path to purchase: Maximizing the customer journey with an automated sales cycle

What path do customers take before finally making a purchase?

These days consumers do all of the legwork and research up front before wanting to close the deal with you. And, that means they are looking at your website, seeing emails from you, remarketing ads and any other content you are distributing that is reinforcing your product, brand or ability to meet their needs.

The Confusing World of Digital Marketing

If the Metrics, KPI’s, Impressions, and CPC’s are enough to make your head spin, you’ll want to read this article

We cut-to-the-chase and let you know how to get the most out of your marketing budget without having to worry about any of the jargon, “expert” opinions and confusing language

If you’ve spent any amount of time online searching for the best ways to market your business, you’ll find a daunting list of strategies, marketing ads and advice on how to market your products and services online. It can become overwhelming, to say the least.

So, how do you know which method to choose and where do you even begin?

Marketing Clones: The modern way to multiply your sales efforts

As creepy as clones are, they are revolutionizing the way we market to consumers and the impact it’s having on sales results is astounding.

As a sales professional,  you may find yourself wishing you had multiple versions of yourself to help reach more of your target customers, follow up with current clients and, in general, multiply your sales efforts.

Modern digital web now has a way for you to reach and maintain a steady, ongoing relationship with new and current customers without much interaction on your part. And, most of these tools are available for public consumption. But, your approach can make or break the incredible opportunity you have sitting right in front of you.

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